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This federally mandated national “call before you dig” number, 811, was created to help protect companies and individuals from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while digging.

Southcross advises using the nationwide One-Call phone system at least two to three days before digging. Dial either 811 from anywhere in the United States or one of the state One-Call numbers below. Your call will be routed to the local One-Call center. Tell the operator where you are planning to dig and what type of work you will be doing. The local utilities and companies who operate underground facilities around your project will be notified about your plans to dig. In a few days, a utility or company representative will arrive at your work site and will mark the approximate location of underground lines, pipes and cables.

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Alabama One Call
Mississippi One Call
Texas One Call

The American Public Works Association has published a uniform color code for marking underground utility lines. Each color universally indicates what is buried underground:

White Proposed excavation
Pink Temporary survey markings
Red Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables
Yellow Gas, oil, steam, petroleum or gaseous materials
Orange Communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduit
Blue Potable water
Purple Reclaimed water, irrigation and slurry lines
Green Sewers, drain lines